Antena de TV Glomex Talitha

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Antenna TV - V9125/12 TalithaThe V9125/12 is the Omni-directional TV antenna renewed in design and performance keeping the essential style that is the ideal solution for any type of boat. Is also characterized by compact dimensions (diameter250mm / 10Dia.:) and high quality materials. Talitha is distinguished by an innovative design based to the new pinnacle as a Dia.:shark finDia.: (high 31 mm /1,2Dia.:), for receiving vertically polarized TV signals, that fits perfectly onthe new radome with aerodynamic lines. Thanks to vertical pinnacle inside the Dia.:shark finDia.:, Talitha can receive analog or digital TV signals polarized both horizontally and vertically, thus it is the ideal solution for any type of boat, sailboat or motorboat. Talitha is equipped with the 50023/98EC amplifier allowing the adjustment of received signalDia.:s gain intensity and 20 mt. cable. If matched with a splitter V9147 (2-way, optional) installed between the antenna the antenna and the amplifier, it can also receive AM-FM radio frequencies. Receiving angle of 360 Dia.:. Frequency 40/890 MHz Gain 26 dB. Output to 2 TVs (Splitter optional). Power supply 12/24 V Base Dia.: mm. 25. Size Dia.: mm. 250 x 151 h. Weight. 0.405
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